Ray Wateska to Make It Easy For People to Understand Commercial Hard Money Mortgage Loans

Westshore Mortgage & Investments Co., Inc. has been in the business of helping people with commercial lending for more than 18 years. Ray Wateska, the lead commercial mortgage loan specialist has been providing sound mortgage advice to borrowers looking for commercial hard money mortgage loans and commercial conventional mortgage loans.

This is done through a free financing feasibility review to determine if a borrower meets the required investor guidelines and if his property is good enough to meet investor interest. Being federally registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System and licensed with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation, Westshore Mortgage and Ray Wateska are trusted lieutenants to provide commercial mortgage loan programs to purchase and refinance commercial properties in the US and the Caribbean. Besides the US commercial mortgage loan programs, their excellent investor relationships has also resulted in the finance of commercial properties, development and construction projects, not only in the US, but in countries across the world, primarily the Caribbean and Mexico.

The Caribbean commercial mortgage loans are particularly popular among those looking to invest in development and construction of commercially viable projects in the Caribbean.

“With a Consumer Confidence Rating of A+ since 1993, we are responsible for the successful financing of several properties and projects located in the US, Caribbean, Mexico, and several other countries across the world. Hard- money loans, as we all know isn’t much about credit scores. It’s all about the right investment property and its valuation. It’s very important that the property should garner interest among the investor. Thus, an honest opinion is what is required before a borrower decides to go for these loans,” says a spokesperson for Westshore Mortgage.

“Together, Ray and Westshore can determine if their project is feasible and is the right solution for the commercial financial requirement,” adds the spokesperson.

As earlier said, the financial crisis has led to tough underwriting criteria that include checking about the sanity of the borrower’s past financial decisions and his track record in choosing commercially viable properties. Without proper advice and guidance, it makes no sense in planning to approach a commercial mortgage lender. Westshore Mortgage and Investments Co., Inc. aims to bridge this gap between the investor and borrower with their sound experience and advice.

About Westshore Mortgage & Investments Co. Inc.: The Company has been in the business of helping borrowers with commercial conventional and hard money mortgage loans for more than 18 years and pride themselves in closing loans in just 14 days.

To know more, visit, http://westshoremortgage.com/

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