Pay for Results SEO Services Set To Revolutionize Australian SEO Industry

There's a change about to blow through the SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) Industry in Australia. According to Brisbane SEO Consultant, Darren Johnson, that change can't come soon enough for struggling small and medium sized businesses trying to carve out a legitimate space for themselves in the Google landscape.

The SEO industry arose from the ever increasing competition to be found within the results of search engines in general, and Google in particular. In December 2010, a survey by Netcraft Web Server estimated there were 266,848,493 live websites in the world and that this figure increases by over 7 million, every three months. If each website contains a conservative estimate of an average 30 web pages each, that's over 8 billion webpages. When Google displays 10 results on the first page of a search query, we can easily how visibility can be an issue.

Even in the early growth years of the web when names like Netscape, Magellan and Alta Vista ruled the "Information Superhighway" creative individuals serviced the need for people and businesses to show up in the top results of searches. The process of changing a website so that it was more attractive to search engines and would rank higher in the search results was known as optimization, and a new industry was born.

The SEO industry has since boomed along with the growth of the web and the growth of businesses eager to prosper from online endeavors. In Australia, like the rest of the world, there is no specific regulatory body or accreditation for this comparatively young industry.

Consumers and businesses conduct their own research in an area where they are probably not an expert. Typically research involved searching online for SEO service provider, obtaining quotes and proposals and making a choice on the limited resources available. Most SEO services have required clients to enter into contracts of 12 months where the customer pays an upfront charge and then a set monthly fee for the period of the contract.

The problem with this arrangement is of course, if the SEO provider is not performing as expected, the customer is locked into a long term agreement of payments. Not surprisingly as the industry has matured many SEO providers have begun to dispense with long term contracts and offer pay by the month options which are far more palatable to new clients unsure of how their online ventures are going to perform.

Brisbane SEO Services Consultant, Darren Johnson, welcomes this change but says there is more that could be done.

"Back in the say you would look at some quotes, read some testimonials, sign a contract and hope that you had done the right thing. And it was a hope because as I found out through personal experience, there is very little protection to be had if the SEO firm you're dealing with doesn't treat you as you expect."

Mr Johnson says the minimum protection to look for is a firm that guarantees not to take on direct competitor in your niche or industry and be very careful about signing long term contracts. But he also believes there is a more efficient way to protect your SEO investment.

"After I made mistake with an SEO provider I chose. Like any industry, some plumbers are better than others some Doctors are better than others. I was so frustrated after my experience of being an SEO providers customer, I spent 10 years learning the SEO craft. But along the way I also discovered a better way to offer SEO services to clients. It's the Pay for Performance model. And that's what I've brought to the market with Our clients rank first and they pay second."

Under the pay for performance agreements, a client pays a deposit to retain expert SEO services and secure exclusivity of that expert so that they cannot work for a competitor. The client and SEO consultant then work together on a plan of goals and objectives that the client wants to achieve. Payments are then made once these goals are attained. In this way, clients pay for what has already been achieved, not what they hope will be achieved.

According to Mr Johnson, "This way of working shows that SEO consultant has confidence in his or her abilities. If they don't meet targets, they don't get paid – they'll also want to achieve the goals quickly. It is also very safe for the customer who only pays for goals that are already achieved. Businesses are going to love this way of working and I truly believe as a pioneer of this approach in Australia is laying a road others will be scrambling to follows once they realize how well this works. It really takes the financial risk out of the equation for the client. And that's the fairest way to work."

Anyone interested in finding out more about pay for performance SEO should visit today. Or, they can call +61.7.402.846 to speak with someone over the phone.

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