Advanced Cardio Services Provides a More Convenient and Effective Way to Monitor Patients PT/INR

Thanks to a new sister company of Advanced Diabetes Supply, patients no longer have to worry about driving to the lab every month or wonder if they are within their therapeutic range. That is because Advanced Cardio Services enables patients to check their PT/INR levels weekly at home with a simple finger stick. Using a meter, identical to ones found in the doctor’s office or Coumadin clinic, the patient performs a self-test and is given results within seconds. Next, the results are phoned into an automated phone system where they are instantaneously saved and faxed to the doctor’s office for interpretation. The whole process takes only a matter of minutes saving the patient time and money, while giving them security in knowing they are within range.

Medicare expanded coverage of weekly home INR testing in 2008 from patients with Mechanical heart valves to include patients with Atrial Fibrillation, DVT, and Pulmonary Embolism. Most private insurance companies cover the service leaving the patient with little or no costs. “Through our program a patient can take control of their health by monitoring their Coumadin therapy more closely and safely than traditional monthly testing. Studies have found that weekly self-testing can decrease the risk of Stroke by 55%, Major Hemorrhaging by 35%, and Death by 39%. Those numbers are way too big to think weekly testing doesn’t make a difference and we aim to help as many people as we can,” says the spokesperson for Advanced Cardio Services.

Advanced Cardio Services also provides the patient with in depth training, so they are completely comfortable using the meter. Training is done by a certified trainer in the patient’s home or at Advanced Cardio Services’ state of the art facility located in Carlsbad California, across from Palomar Airport. Following training, the patient leaves with a professional quality CoaguChek XS meter kit, test strips, and lancets. Once a month, Advanced Cardio Services ships more test strips and lancets directly to the patient’s home at no cost.

The Advanced Cardio Services’ website helps patients gain a better understanding of home INR testing and the associated benefits. There they can fill out the online request form or contact Advanced Cardio Services over the phone to start the process and Advanced Cardio Services will take care of the rest.

About Advanced Cardio Services: Owned by Tim Cady and Mark Howard.

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