SpeedLineGroup.com of SpeedLineinc Launches Official Networking Platform

SpeedLineGroup.com (SLG) is the Premier Online Representative Group for the SPEEDLINE INTERNATIONAL LTD (subsidiary company of SPEED EQUITY HOLDINGS LTD, previously known as SPEEDLINE INC.). We are group of individuals dedicated towards spreading opportunity and wealth across the globe using the Speedlineinc income platform. At SpeedLineGroup, we strive to provide the best support and make it as easy as possible for SpeedlineInc Members to refer new members over the internet. We are taking things to the next level and opening doors and unchartered frontiers. Our group is the sole group that aims at bringing this opportunity to the west and Europe, as the membership of SpeedlineInc is still at its infancy. So join us today, as you can start small and finish strong!

SpeedlineInc offers a hybrid multi-fusion core business solution, that combines the best of Forex (Foreign Exchange), Network Marketing (Residual income model) and Returns on Investment (Passive income model). SpeedLineGroup (SLG) It was envisioned and developed by Holofractal Media, a web design, network, affiliate, internet marketing and ‘blue ocean’ strategist who's been running successful online marketing campaign for clients for years. “At the time of the Website Launch, Speedlineinc (SLI) is already in 5-6 major countries in Asia and the launch of SpeedLineGroup couldn’t have come at a better time to capture the European and American Market Segment”, reveals project manager Devan Kumar.

“United as we are, SpeedLineGroup is poised to be the biggest representative group within SpeedLineInc, because we are faced with a blue ocean virgin market that is virtually untapped” adds the project owner. Fluctuations in the Forex, Futures, Commodities and Stock Indices market also tells us that this is as good as time as any to ride the financial wave, and profit whether the market is going down or going up. SpeedlineGroup is very keen to unveil the Investment products that are designed by Speedlineinc which includes the Speed-Trader™ Forex broker client, and with MetaForex Trader 4 with Expert Advisor.

The premium Forex Tools are available to members of SpeedlineInc at no additional cost and members will be able to exchange SpeedCash or the E-wallet earnings for Forex investment slots. Speed-Trader is a registered Forex Broker system that provides you leverage over other kinds of systems because it is combined with the MetaTrader 4 robot and Expert Advisor to give traders maximum return on their investments. SpeedLineGroup is proud to present the SpeedLine-Inc opportunity to the world, and will do our very best to be the support system as well as business building arm of the SpeedLineInc Family.

Speedlinegroup ( SLG - http://www.speedlinegroup.com ) was started by a group of mavericks who have long been dabbling with Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, and Forex. Our group comprises of financial experts who are eager to create wealth, and help newcomers build their network worldwide over the internet. For more information, please visit http://www.speedlinegroup.com/ or for the business plan, http://www.speedlinegroup.com/business-plan.html


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