Chronic Fatigue Specialist Claims to Completely Dispose of the Syndrome with Naturopathy

Dr. Aleksander Strande, a naturopath is also a Chronic Fatigue Specialist who claims to not just help or improve conditions that result out of this energy draining syndrome but also cure it completely within 6 – 9 months depending on the severity of the condition. He says, “A typical CFS sufferer recovers 75% within 3 months; 90-100% within 6 months; and 99-100% within 9 months. Most clients can see some positive differences in as little as 7 days on the program. At least half of the patients don’t need more than 6 months to recover.”

CFS is inflicted on people of all ages, race and gender and the cause of the syndrome is still under major controversy. Most research concludes that it is a viral infection that debilitates the immune system like in most autoimmune diseases. While medicines in allopath have only managed to cure some symptoms on short term basis it is the innovative findings of naturopathy that have truly contrived a holistic treatment plan for CFS patients.

Dr. Strande has acquired an intensive experience of over 20 years in Naturopathy. He believes that unlike in Europe and Australia, where he has had his initial training and experience, alternative pain medicine like naturopathy is still in its infancy. The American drug company dominance does not allow patients to receive affordable treatments that emphasize more on the different aspects of the self-healing powers of the body rather it avails of short term solutions for long term disorders like the CFS.

“People want long term solutions to long term problems and are no longer satisfied with the temporary relief/band-aid approach of drug company sponsored medicine,” explains he. “Naturopathic medicine is a healing art of assisting a person in recovery from ill health and maintaining well-being through stimulation, enhancement and support of the inherent healing capacity of his or her body by using natural means. It emphasizes that the body can heal itself if it is appropriately encouraged to do so,” he adds.

Alternative pain medicine of the naturopath origin is product of intensive research that takes into consideration physical, emotional, genetic, environment and social factors altogether. The doctor gives personalized attention to the patient’s condition and delves into patient’s lifestyle and medical history to get the overall picture of the underlying cause of the patient's health problems.

“The Naturopath can tell from markings or the signs of the iris, the conditions of various organs and systems of the body. These markings give a detailed picture of the integrity of the body, indicating its area of congestion or toxic accumulation and inherited strengths and weaknesses,” comments Dr. Strande when inquired on the basis of patient analysis.

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