Revolutionary Facts of the Power Plate Vs True Vibe

Power Plate is an effective workout machine that is capable of strengthening all core muscles. However, it is extremely expensive and may not be able to provide a full cardio workout. Are you aware of this fact? Although, the sad news is that most of the people are still hooked up with the powerplate thinking that there is no other replacement for the power plate, but now there is an effective replacement for this power plate in the form of the new astounding “True Vibe”, that has several amazing benefits.

True Vibe is manufactured using German engineering and furthermore, branded high quality parts are used for its production. Apart from its design and structures, it is also a powerful workout machine that produces linear vibration to provide the most powerful and subsequently effective workout. On the other hand, power plate is made up of non branded parts that would not last long.

Power Plate:

  • Indian manufactured, with non branded parts and by using plastic injection moulding
  • Cheap parts, plastic plate and engine parts are used for its manufacture
  • 3D vibration due to inability of the platform to generate linear vibration
  • It can carry only limited weight
  • The vibration diffuses because of the dimensions and cheap plastic plate
  • If you don’t stand with a faultless posture, the speed and vibration of the power plate will decline
  • More expensive

All these limitations found in the power plate are resolved in the true vibe. Moreover, there are many more additional features incorporated along with the true vibe to make it more flexible and powerful workout machine.

True Vibe:

  • German Engineering, with Dutch production from high grade stainless steel using only branded parts.
  • Original high grade stainless steel, branded components, powerful engine, software and latest technology are used for true vibe manufacture
  • Fully linear platform generates the most powerful and subsequently effective workout.
  • There is no decline in the vibration performance, when the weight or posture becomes different
  • With high grade steel, you can feel the same intensity of vibration from all over the plate.
  • Adjustable handle to ensure positive spinal or postural alignment.
  • An added advantage is that now you can purchase true vibe at 25% off.

All these salient features make true vibe an effective alternative for powerplate. So, grab this true vibe as soon as possible and turn into a trim person.

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